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CU University of California, Berkeley CU-A — University of California, Davis CU-B —Bancroft Library, Berkeley CU-E — East Asiatic Library, Berkeley CU-M — • Medical Center, San Francisco CU-Riv — College of Arts, Letters and Science, River- side CU-S — Scripps Institution of Oceanography, La Jolla Ch AEU University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Ca BVa Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, Canada Ca BVa U University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada Ca BVi PA Provincial Archives, Victoria, Canada Ca MWM Medical Library of the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada Ca NBPU University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada Ca OKQ Queen's University, Kingston, Canada Ca OL London Public Library, London, Canada Ca OLU University of Western Ontario, London, Canada Ca OOA Public Archives Library, Ottawa, Canada Ca OOAg Department of Agriculture, Main Library, Ottawa, Canada Ca OOCC Carleton College, Ottawa, Canada Ca OOP Department of Finance Library, Ottawa, Canada , ^ , Ca OOG Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Canada rii OOGB Btanrb. Mar be); avtorelerat d laser ta- ts U na fiol Bkante uchenol stepenl kandldata fitosof- sklkh nauk.

(Siberia of the capitalist period] Slblr^perloda hap Uallzrna.

[History teaches, on the twenty-f Utb anniversary of the Soviet Union's victory In the Great Patriotic War] Istorlla ucliit, k dvadtsatllelllu pobedy Sovetske^o goiuza v Velifcol Otechestvennol voina, Moskva, Izd-vo "Znanle, " 1966.

(NNC) [PORBl Cf MMIUTARY INTERVENTION AND THE CIVIL ' WAR IN CENTRAL ASIA AND KAZAKHSTAN] Inostrannala voennala Interventslia ( grazhdanakala votna V Srednel Azll I I&zakhatane. Vol, 2, [September 1919- December 192 Q] Sent labr ' 1919 g.

Lenin's works on Iho iimv economic policy] Pioizvcdenila V.

A list of such translated peri- odicals, their publishers, subscription prices, etc., is given at the end of each issue of the Monthly I'fidex, In Part B such periodicals are indicated by an asterisk before the periodical title. Except in Part C, the material is divided into 17 subject classes and is arranged alphabetically within each class.

Part C provides subject analysis of tlie monographic titles listed in Part A and of the articles appearing in the periodicals enumerated in the List of Periodioa U Indexed and Abhremations Used at the beginning of Part C. In addition, for the convenience of the reader, the serials listed in Part B are divided within each subject class into several subclasses. [Problem of interest in socio- logical theory] Problema Intercsa v solslologicheskol teortl (Leningrad 1 Izd-vo Lentngr, untv , 1964 72 p 4.

[Dfaley J Ufalel, [Cheliabinsk] Cfael U- blnskoo kn Uhnoe Izd-vo, 1984.

btnskol oblastl) [ARCHAEOGRAPRIC yearbook FOR 1983] Arkheogra- llcheakll ezhegodn Uc za 1963 god.

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