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"By the time the kids had reached 10th grade, 60% of the students, white and black, were reading below grade level—and 62% were performing below grade level in math," said Steals, who departed Aliquippa High in 1989. "Come down and put in an application." Warfield had always wanted to be a cop, and he did need a job.

But such bad academic news provoked little outrage at football or Yannessa. "Even in the pros, there was nothing they could say or do that I hadn't already seen or wasn't prepared for. For the next 18 months he worked at the Beaver County Sheriff's Office.

Once that summer she stumbled across his stash of cocaine and screamed at Ty and said she'd flushed it all down the toilet. Ray had always been Ty's ally against Diane's addiction, but now the boy saw a new heartbreak in the old man's eyes.

Ty never had a chance to stretch; he was still tucking in his shirt while waiting for the opening kickoff. But when asked, he won't confirm or deny that he's Tommie's dad. "And it went on through when I was in college." The only respite from Diane's problems came two weeks each summer, when Ty flew down to Dallas to visit his distant uncle Tony Dorsett.More than once Tony caught Ty staring at his Heisman Trophy."Man," Tony jabbed, "you got to be a bad boy to get one of them." That was the carrot, leading Law on every day. "Because after my grandfather, I was looking at him.Football is the endgame, the gritty final distillation of the dream that our great-grandfathers came here to dream, the one proven process that can still result in a scholarship, a way out, maybe big money. Melvin Steals, an English teacher at Aliquippa High, was named the city's Teacher of the Year in 1984.He spent most of the decade working on postgraduate studies in education.

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