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Manning, a man of exceptional abilities and powerful connections, had been marked from an early age as one destined to achieve power in church or politics.Charles Spurgeon had none of these advantages of privilege, education, or aristocratic connections.His father, John, and his grandfather, James, were Independent ministers.

A funeral parade two miles long followed his hearse from the Tabernacle to the cemetery at Upper Norwood.Spurgeon shared the misgivings about the disappearance of the old England, but he never lost his faith in the fundamental decency of ordinary Englishmen.He understood the values of faith, kinship, and meaningful work that had given purpose to the lives of villagers for centuries.And he was able to recall those values to urban congregations in such a plain and compelling manner that he seemed to many to embody all that was quintessentially English. John Watson’s words, Spurgeon was “as characteristic an Englishman as our generation has produced.” Spurgeon’s formal education, by nineteenth-century standards, was mediocre.After returning to live with his parents in Colchester, he attended a local school for a few years, and then for a brief time was an usher (or teaching assisant) at an Anglican school in Newmarket where a maternal uncle was a master.

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