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Once fully inked, I put the white cardstock in, and ran it through the Cuttlbug. The ink does not get down into the detail, which is what ends up raised. To color what was left white I just ran my brayer over the paper directly.For this one I didn't even re-ink it, there was still plenty of ink on my brayer and I didn't want it to be darker than the background. I have noticed in some of the samples I have seen online that they seem to be done with two colors of ink.There has been so much talk just lately about that elusive "Cuttlebug Smoosh" technique that was in a recent Technique Junkies newsletter.Provo Craft even addressed questions about it on their blog.He says: "They must be paid a wage commensurate with what men of their ability and integrity are earning for managing a big corporation or successful legal or other professional practice.

Sponging the ink will probably take longer though, and your coverage is more likely to be uneven.I started by brayering the ink directly onto the embossing folder.Notice that I am doing it on the side of the folder that has the Cuttlebug name printed on it.Just keep applying ink until you reach your desired color. I added more ink to darken up some areas just to make it look more interesting.Conclusion: The paper from this first one turned out very pretty, but it does not resemble the 'Smoosh' technique. A brayer, the Swirls Cuttlebug embossing folder, and a Fruitcake Kaleidacolor ink pad.

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