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I went through Deed Poll so I could easily show who I was, keeping my history in place, things easier to trace etc as some places wanted to see evidence of my name change.A bit the same as when you get married and change your name, you have to often prove it.Dealing with the matters amicably will also enable your daughter to feel more settled notwithstanding the divorce/ separation, if that what you decide to do in the long run.

I'm going to ask our legal advisor to give you some advice around the divorce and financial aspects. i have loans and card debts which have been accrued since being married. after what he has put me and my daughter through i feel we deserve something to clear these debts and start a fresh away from the arguing and deceit. You can generally get a 30min appointment free to start with and then perhaps utilise them to set out a letter to your husband's solicitor stating what you want from the assets you have.Include any savings, equity, cars, financial commitments you have signed up to for joint usage (even if only in one of your names). Does your child have your married name or your maiden name.Initially, I would encourage you to continue working together with your partner and ensure that any arrangements both in relation to the children and property and financial issues are agreed.This will not only save time and expense but also avoid the stress of going to court and dealing with the issues on a contested basis.

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Grounds 1 and 2 above are the most commonly used one because for all the others you need to have lived apart for more then two years.

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