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She had to be cleared for sexually transmitted diseases before the clinic would agree to treat her, and underwent an hour-long phone interview with a nurse to discuss her motivation for having a child.A 60-minute chat, not even conducted in person, might seem paltry considering the magnitude of the exchange.But beyond those few physical characteristics, neither Jessica nor Freya will know any more.This is because last June, Jessica, 36, flew to Copenhagen and was artificially inseminated with the sperm of an anonymous Danish donor — and more and more British women are doing exactly the same thing.And Jessica, who has a brother and three sisters, feels confident she has made the right choice for her.‘I don’t have a single regret.I have loved being pregnant and I am looking forward to meeting my daughter. By my late 20s, I was in a relationship and I thought I would get married and have them the usual way. It would have been nice to have met someone to share my life with, but it hasn’t happened. But when I turned 35, I read a raft of articles about a woman’s fertility dropping sharply from 35.‘There was no major desperation that gripped me.And in April 2005, anonymity for donors in the UK was removed, meaning donor-conceived children can now find out the identity of their father when they turn 18.

‘Treatment is also up to ten times cheaper in Denmark, even with the travel costs thanks to low-cost airlines.’ Also, in the UK, rules state that a single donor can produce a maximum of ten pregnancies and subsequent children for those families, while in Denmark a donor can be used for 25 pregnancies.

Mr Schou believes the compensation scheme in the UK is also complicated and puts off donors.

Presently, centres may only pay donors their ‘reasonable expenses’.

But, lest we forget, the Stork Klinik is a business: it’s not in its interest to put people off with probing questions.

The more sperm the clinic sells, the more money it makes.

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