Configuration options available for updating xp

It lets you view and delete temporary files used by the Java Plug-in, which allows Java technology to be used by your Web browser to run applets; and Java Web Start, which allows you to run Java applications over the network.

It allows you to control certificates, making it safe to run applets and applications over the network.

For Microsoft Windows, where all JREs are found in the registry, version 1.3.1 or higher will be displayed.

Assume you are running on Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer, have first installed version 1.4.2, then version 5.0, and you want to run 1.4.2.

If you select automatic update, you can then set the notification via the Notify Me: drop-down menu, and you can set the update schedule via the Advanced... With notification, you can chose to be notified before an update is downloaded and before it is installed; or you can chose to be notified only before an update is installed (i.e., the download is automatic). allows you to select the desired frequency for updates: daily, weekly, or monthly (default).

For daily updates, you can select the time of the day for the update.

When you click the Add button, a new row appears in the Java Runtime Versions panel; however, there are no values for Platform, Product, Path, Runtime Parameters, and Enabled; you must specify them yourself.

Click the Remove button to remove the selected Java Runtime Environment from the Java Runtime Versions panel. It will be the most recently installed JRE; i.e., the JRE associated with the Java Control Panel.

On Microsoft Windows platforms, the Java Update Scheduler ( runs as a background process that launches the Update Manager at predefined intervals set by the user through the Advanced... It is normally transparent to the user but can be viewed in the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager.This utility searches for unregistered private Java Runtime Environments installed in your computer and adds them to the Java Runtime Versions panel.Click the Add button to manually add a Java Runtime Environment to the Java Runtime Versions panel.Microsoft Windows will show all JREs installed on a computer.The Java Control Panel finds the JREs by looking in the registry.

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