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People with high libidos feel energized and fulfilled after an encounter.Sex addicts often feel shame and emptiness, then immediately start jonesing for their next fix.3.After these encounters, he rarely sees his sex partners again.He does this with the blessing of Ron, his life partner of twenty years, whose sexual needs diverge from Steve’s.They both entered sex addiction treatment that consisted of a month at an inpatient facility for Dylan, and 12-step meetings, weekly individual, group, and couples therapy for both.Heather was slowly beginning to trust Dylan again when one of his new affair partners blew the whistle.People with high libidos feel satisfied after they masturbate.

Sex addicts watch porn because they prefer it to relationships with real people.6.

While undergoing intensive — and exorbitant — treatment for sex addiction, Dylan had been simultaneously carrying on a secret life with half a dozen women.

“He looked me in the eye and told me he had stopped,” Heather said in a group I ran for partners of sex addicts. I don’t even know who he is.”The term “sex addiction” unfortunately has given sex a bad name.

Having “too much” sex doesn’t make someone a sex addict; having sex fused with shame, secrecy, and betrayal does.

Here are eight ways to know if you or your partner has crossed the line from high libido into sex addiction.1.

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