Brunette dating

The overwhelming response here is clear: fellas, if you want a second date,you can't be stingy!

There are plenty of topics to help break the ice when on a first date.

When asked which of the two is worse to discuss on a first date, male and female respondents disagree.

More male respondents (52%) say religion and more female respondents (52%) say politics.

It's a different sting when your ex starts dating someone opposite to you.

When polled, men and women disagree -- but the results are not what typically comes to mind! A couple very commonly discussed turn-offs have been overconfidence and insecurity.

Surprisingly, more women say beauty (64%) over brains (36%) while the men say brains matters more (62%) over beauty (38%). When asked which was worse, both the majority of male (60%) and female (78%) respondents agree that overconfidence is worse.

The majority of females (79%) prefer men with buzz cuts vs. If you have the swagger, you can pull any look off!

There are two types of girls in the world: blondes and brunettes (and gingers too, but they’re so special and rare; they’re in a glorious category of their own). I’m also American, British, female, Caucasian and Jewish. The color of our hair dictates to the world who we are: Blondes are accessible, whimsical, carefree, fun and wildly flirtatious. Some people are born deeply brunette but feel hopelessly blonde on the inside -- and vice versa.

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