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In as little as a few hours, it could burn a hole in the esophagus.If you think your child may have swallowed a battery, you should seek medical attention immediately. My best word of advice is to make sure you’re getting toys that are age-appropriate.and there have been some changes to the strict gendering of partner dances in some competition or performance contexts. Partner dancing requires awareness and clear communication; this is essential both for safety and for the overall success of the dance.If following in the dance, it helps to maintain a centered readiness to the Lead.The Lead is responsible for guiding the couple and initiating transitions to different dance steps and, in improvised dances, for choosing the dance steps to perform.The Lead communicates choices to the Follow and directs the Follow by means of subtle physical and visual signals, thereby allowing the couple to be smoothly coordinated.

It requires children to ride in a rear-facing seat up until their second birthday, unless they’ve reached the maximum weight or height limit for their car seat.

Gina Duchossois, an injury-prevention expert with the Kohl's Injury Prevention Program at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, recently spoke to us about keeping your kids safe during the holidays.

Is it just a myth that the holidays are a dangerous time for children?

That’s not just because developmentally, they are unable to play with those toys. That increases the risk of choking or swallowing something harmful. If you’re buying a child a new bike or scooter, make sure that you take it one step further.

Many toys are [labeled with] recommended age groups because they may contain small parts. Don’t forget the most important part, which would be the bike helmet.

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